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Optimize your Health and Well-being through Health Coaching, Fitness classes, Group Coaching and Mindfulness Training. Virtual and in-person available

Health Coaching

My role as a Health Coach is to help you reach your goals in a way that works for you. I will not inundate you with exercise and diet tips.

But rather, we will work together and develop strategies that fit your lifestyle and ultimately lead to your success.

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As your Fitness Trainer, my mission is to help you to find joy in exercise. Movement should be fun and not a chore! We can do this together or in a small group.

My fitness classes are different every day but will always include strength, core, cardio, and fun. Don’t worry if you have limitations because every exercise can be tailored to meet your needs.

Quality Training & Coaching

I love what I do and make it my mission to stay up to date on the latest techniques and strategies. I hold the top credentials in the fitness and coaching industry and have had the great fortune to learn from some of the best leaders in their fields.

Focused on Results

Craving related eating dropped by 40% with the Eat Right Now app and initial data from the Unwinding Anxiety Program shows a 48% reduction in anxiety after 28 daily modules.

I am a Coach for both programs and train under the tutelage of Dr. Judson Brewer, developer of these evidence-based programs.

Accountability Partner to keep you focused

We have partners in all aspects of our lives. We even hire partners to manage our finances, clean our homes and care for our pets and children. As your Health Coaching Partner, we will work together to set a strategy and lay out a path that works for you. Weekly goals and check-ins with me will help you to stay on track and remain focused.


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